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Severe gum disease raises coronavirus death risk by nearly nine times, study suggests

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Most adults in the UK have gum disease to some extent, which tends to manifest as bleeding gums while brushing.

Over time, this can develop into periodontitis, which affects the tissues that support teeth, ultimately damaging the jaw bone. A patient may then endure recurring abscesses, receding gums and lost teeth.

After analysing more than 500 coronavirus patients, scientists from Qatar University reported those with periodontitis were 3.5 times more likely to be admitted to intensive care and 4.5 times more likely to require a ventilator.

Perhaps most astonishingly, those with advanced gum disease were also nearly nine times more likely to die compared to the patients without periodontitis.

Although unclear, “inflammation in the oral cavity may open the door to the coronavirus becoming more violent”, warned the scientists.

Source: Yahoo!