Dr. Eyass Jebrin

About Me:

Periodontist & Oral Surgeon

Dr. Eyass studied at Istanbul University Hospital where he obtained his doctorate and continued his postgraduate studies in the university’s Department of Periodontology as an associate professor.

Dr. Eyass Jebrin specializes in smile makeovers, dental implants, gum and bone health and treatments, and aesthetic gum surgery.

He lectures to post graduate students in Periodontics, Oral surgery and Implantology and in addition to staying up to date with the latest techniques, he has embarked on a further PhD in medical management.

To relax and unwind, you’ll find Dr. Eyass engaging in an active sporting pursuit such as swimming or diving, and exploring new places.

Procedures can be performed:

  • Smile makeover and esthetic works
  • Full-mouth rehabilitation
  • Implant placement
  • Oral gum and bone disease treatments
  • Laser treatment
  • Oral plastic surgeries
  • Periodontal pocket treatment
  • Oral surgery