Get Hollywood Smile and Dental Veneers in UAE from Bella Medical Centre

Feel like a true star with Hollywood Smile treatment in Abu Dhabi! Bella Medical Centre is one of the few reputed dental clinics in Abu Dhabi to offer Hollywood Smile and Dental Veneer Treatment in UAE. Book an appointment today and get a smile that makes you feel like a celebrity!

What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that aims aesthetic problems related to your smile. It should focus on dental veneers to hide issues like discoloration, chipping and misalignment. At Bella Medical Centre, we have a team of dentists who are specialized in this treatment. This ensures that you get the right treatment that gives you the desired results in a safe way.
Dental veneers can be defined as thin shells that are made to mimic the structure of the front of teeth. They go at the front of teeth to hide any aesthetic problems in your teeth and thereby make your smile better.

Why Trust Bella Medical Centre?

• Highly qualified and specialized dentists.
• Safe, comfortable and effective treatment procedures.
• Thorough diagnosis for better treatment.
• Multilingual and courteous staff.
• Well-appointed interiors.

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The Process

At Bella Medical Centre, we make the process simple, quick and effective, without compromising on the end results.
In most cases, our dentist will start things off by filing down your teeth and then remove the enamel layer. This will create room for the veneers to go on the front of the tooth, secured using tooth cement.
Next, we would prepare the veneers at our lab. Our veneers are highly customized and they are crafted based on accurate measurements of your mouth and teeth.
Before starting with the veneer placement, our dentist will correct any present issues such as cavities, inflammation or any such issues. After getting treatment, we will help you schedule another appointment for veneer placement.
During the treatment, we will take complete care of your safety and comfort so that you can get a beautiful smile with any pains or hassles.

Our Clinic

We cater to an elite clientele, which includes some of the most eminent citizens and residents of UAE. But for us, every patient deserves the elite treatment. Our well-appointed interiors give you a premium feel the moment you walk in. Our courteous and multilingual staff would guide you through every single step of the process of treatment. Feel free to ask our staff and dentists about any doubts or questions that you might have.

How to Book at Appointment?

To book an appointment for Hollywood Smile/Dental Veneers at Bella Medical Centre, simply fill up the contact form on this page and we will contact you. You can also contact us and book an appointment over the phone. We will try to book an appointment at the time most convenient for you and also arrange for any follow-up visits that you might require.