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Comprehensive Care

Our dental clinic in Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of tailored services, with the latest tools and techniques for the best possible care.

Preventive Approach

We prioritize preventive care through regular check-ups, oral cancer screenings, and patient education to help maintain the best oral health.

Personalized Attention

Every treatment plan is tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs and preferences.

We Take Care of Your Smile

Effective Dental Treatments for Optimal Oral Health

At Bella Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi, we offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments to help you maintain optimal oral health. Our team of experienced dentists provides personalized attention to each patient, ensuring that your unique needs and preferences are met. Don’t let dental problems hold you back. Come to our dental clinic and let us help you achieve the smile you deserve.

Our Preventive & Dental Care Procedures

General Dentistry Treatments

Routine Cleanings

Our specialized hygienists are dedicated to maintaining your teeth healthy by efficiently removing plaque and tartar. This procedure not only removes bacteria but also lowers the risk of developing more serious teeth issues.


Regular check-ups with our team of dentists can address dental issues before they escalate, ensuring optimal oral health. We recommend scheduling appointments in advance to proactively monitor and maintain your oral health.

Dental Sealants

This procedure prevents the development of cavities through protective coatings that shield the surfaces of your teeth. It is performed with precision and care by our team of specialists, ensuring minimal discomfort.

Teeth Fillings

Dental filling procedure is essential to address cavity issues. Our dental clinic’s team will take care of the decayed area and then replace it with filling material to restore optimal tooth condition.


In the case of a damaged or problematic tooth, our experienced dentists may resort to the tooth extraction procedure, carefully performed with the use of local anesthetic to ensure minimal discomfort.

Dental Crowns

Designed to restore a damaged, weak or broken tooth, dental crowns are the ideal solution to restore your teeth’s durability and functionality as well as your smile’s natural appearance.

Let our skilled dental professionals take care of your oral health needs with our comprehensive general dentistry services.

Our Process

How It Works

01.  Evaluation

On your first visit to our dental clinic in Abu Dhabi, our dentists will evaluate your teeth and gums’ overall health, listen to any concerns you have and answer your questions. We may also take diagnostic images for a better understanding of any potential issues.

02.  Planning

Based on our evaluation, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan for your specific needs. This may include preventative care or more advanced treatments. We’ll explain all the options and help you make an informed decision about your oral health.

03.  Treatment

Our experienced team will ensure that you feel comfortable throughout your visits, and we’ll explain each step of the process to you as we go. Whether you’re getting a filling or a crown, we’ll use the latest techniques and materials to ensure you an effective, long-lasting treatment.

04.  Follow-Up Care

After your treatment, we’ll schedule check-ups to ensure that you’re healing properly and to make any necessary adjustments. We’ll also provide tips and guidance on how to care for your teeth and gums at home to maintain your oral health.

Our Dental Clinic’s Team

Highly Specialized Dentists in Abu Dhabi

Bella Medical Center’s team includes some of the most highly qualified and experienced cosmetic dentists, orthodontists and cosmetic surgeons, as well as a team of specialist professionals for cosmetic and dermatologic treatments.

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Lawrence Coatado

I am very satisfied with the result of my journey using invisalign with the professional skill of Dr. Sukphreet and his team. I had a very good experience with Bella Medical, everyone is so nice and accommodating. The clinic’s ambience is classy and hygienic in my every visit.Highly recommended.

Marah Ali

I got my Invisalign done at Bella Clinic with Dr. Sukhpreet Mangat and it was a fantastic experience. Everyone there is super professional and super friendly, including the staff, the nurses, and the doctors. Dental clinics usually freak me out but this is place has such a comfortable atmosphere. Truly loved it, it’s my go-to dental clinic.

Mustafa Hussain

Dr Sukhpreet is an excellent Invisalign specialist. He is a very good communicator and answered all my questions. He also cares about his patients and them getting the right results. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Heba Mohammed

Very professional staff and doctors at Bella Medical Centre, I was recommend to do my four implants there through friends who already were patients. Dr.Ihssan were very professional kind and honest, he explained every step of the process and the result of the implants was excellent.

Faris Mohammed

I’ve been wanting to get my invisalign for years and finally found the place to go! Ive had such an amazing experience with Bella medical center. The stuff is so professional and always on top of my treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s quite common to feel nervous before dental visits. Our dental clinic’s team understands your worries and takes a patient-centered approach to ensure your comfort throughout your visit. If you have any special issues, feel free to discuss them with our team and they will answer all your questions.

We recommend that you visit the dentist every six months for a routine check-up and teeth cleaning. However, if you have any ongoing dental issues or concerns, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Absolutely! It is totally safe to visit the dentist during pregnancy. In fact, keeping good oral health is critical during this time. Remember to inform our dentists that you are pregnant and how far along you are. They can adjust treatments to avoid certain procedures and use pregnancy-safe alternatives.

Yes, dental x-rays are safe. At Bella Medical Centre, we use digital x-ray technology, which reduces your exposure to radiation by up to 90%. Our team takes every precaution to ensure that you are comfortable and safe during the x-ray process.

The duration of numbness after dental treatment is determined by the type of anesthetic used. Local anesthesia usually lasts one to two hours. To avoid accidental hurt, do not bite or chew until sensation returns. If numbness continues for a particularly long time, contact us and we'll assist you.

At our dental clinic, we accept different payment options, including cash, credit cards, and dental insurance. We also offer flexible payment plans to help make dental care more affordable for our patients. Contact us for more information about payment options and treatment plans.

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