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What is Invisalign

Invisalign is a modern solution to straightening your teeth without wires. Clear, smooth and durable plastic is custom moulded into a set of nearly invisible aligners that snap into place over your teeth. Every two weeks, you exchange your aligners for a new set that slowly straighten your teeth to their correct position


Invisalign Certified Doctors at Bella Medical Centre

Our team is the Best Doctors in Abu Dhabi


Dr. Fabien has achieved the status of INVISALIGN *DIAMOND Provider 2016* delivered by Invisalign technology in The US.Dr. Fabien is extremely skilled in creating beautiful, healthy smiles for kids, teens and adult. He utilizes state-of the art appliances, and advanced technology to treat the direct cause of a patient’s orthodontic problem.


Dr. Sukhpreet is trained in the latest treatment techniques ranging from INCOGNITO to INVISALIGN along with holding a Fellowship in TMJ / TMD, Orofacial Pain and Obstructive sleep medicine to bring about aesthetic compatibility and complimenting patient’s general health and well-being.

Dr. Lina Stavroula Papika

Her academic background and vast experience gained over the past twenty years have given her the right skills in planning effective orthodontic treatments for both children and adults, applying a variety of treatments - such as the Damon System that requires shorter treatment time, INVISALIGN and other aesthetic treatments.

Treatable Cases


Crowded Teeth

There isn’t enough room in the jaw for teeth to fit normally.



Upper front teeth close in front of the lower teeth.



Lower teeth protrude past upper front teeth.



Upper and lower jaws don’t line up.

Gap Teeth

Extra spaces between teeth.


Open Bite

Top and bottom teeth don’t meet.


Generally Straighter Teeth

When you just want a more beautiful smile.


Baby and Permanent Teeth

Phase 1 orthodontic treatment for growing children with a mix of baby and permanent teeth.

How do I use Invisalign day to day?

The best part of Invisalign is that nobody else needs to know you are straightening your teeth. You wear Invisalign 22 hours a day, including while you sleep. Invisalign treatments can be completed in as little as 20 weeks for many patients.

When you have Invisalign in Abu Dhabi, you take off your aligners to eat and clean your teeth. Because you are removing your braces, you can continue to eat what you want, with only a few exceptions. If you are a heavy coffee drinker or smoker, you will notice Invisalign aligners yellow over time along with your teeth, making the invisible plastic less conspicuous. To avoid this, practice good normal dental care and limit your coffee and cigarette consumption whenever possible.

A visit to BELLA MEDICAL CENTRE should be planned every 4-6 weeks to review your progress and allow for modifications if necessary. At the end of your treatment, your fasteners will come off and your friends and family will only notice that your teeth somehow seem healthier and that you seem more confident as a result.

One advantage to Invisalign is that you can remove your aligners for cleaning. Remember to floss and brush daily to avoid cavities and to keep your smile as white as it is straight.

13 reasons why you should choose Invisalign

  • Comfort
  • Convenience – fewer dental visits
  • Virtually invisible
  • Removable
  • Easier to care for and clean
  • Constant improvement – see results faster
  • Versatility
  • Freedom
  • Safety – no wires
  • Simplicity
  • Whiten while you straighten
  • Cost effective
  • Produces amazing results


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