Skin Booster Therapy

Rediscover Radiance and Youth

Unveil Beautiful, Hydrated Skin with Skin Booster Treatment

Skin Booster Treatment rejuvenates the skin using a mixture of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and minerals. This potent blend is infused into the dermis layer of the skin, capitalizing on hyaluronic acid's ability to absorb water and enhance cellular hydration. Resulting in a smoother, plump, and more youthful appearance, Skin Booster is the secret to radiant skin.

Customizable Treatment Options

Skin Boosters are tailored to individual needs. Whether it's hydration, collagen stimulation, or pigmentation correction, these treatments can be customized to target specific concerns, ensuring personalized care and optimal results for every skin type.

Safe and Proven Efficacy

Backed by clinical studies, Skin Boosters are recognized for their safety and efficacy. Using bio-compatible ingredients, they provide a trusted solution for enhancing skin's health and appearance without causing adverse reactions.

Revitalizes at a Cellular Level

Going beyond surface treatment, Skin Boosters work at a cellular level to rejuvenate and replenish. By delivering essential nutrients directly into the skin, they promote cellular regeneration, enhancing skin's natural resilience and luminosity.

What We Do

Enhance Your Skin's Natural Glow with Skin Booster

Has your skin been feeling dull, stressed, or showing signs of aging?

Our Skin Booster treatment at Bella Medical Centre uses a unique blend of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and minerals to deeply hydrate and restore skin's natural radiance. Whether your goal is to reduce fine lines, achieve a fresher look for an event, or treat acne-prone skin, our Skin Booster is the solution.

Achieve flawless, rejuvenated skin with Skin Booster at Bella Medical Centre

Our Process

Your Path to Radiance

01.  Consultation

At our clinic, seasoned dermatologists engage in a comprehensive evaluation of your skin's health and needs. Through their expertise, they design a tailored Skin Booster treatment plan, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your unique skin requirements.

02.  Preparation

To guarantee utmost comfort throughout the procedure, we apply a high-grade topical numbing cream. Following this, the skin undergoes a meticulous cleaning and disinfection process, setting the stage for a safe and effective treatment.

03.  Skillful Application

Our trained professionals employ exacting techniques when administering the Skin Booster. Through carefully executed microinjections, the mixture is infused evenly into the skin, aiming for optimal absorption and ensuring the best possible results.

04.  Post-Treatment Guide

After the treatment, we prioritize skin cleanliness by undertaking a thorough cleansing procedure. Our team then offers detailed guidance, providing essential tips and best practices, ensuring that you can maintain and cherish the rejuvenated glow of your revitalized skin.


Enhance Your Skin's Natural Glow with Skin Booster

Why Bella's Dermatologists Recommend Skin Boosters

  • Avoid touching the treated area for up to six hours
  • Stay clear of direct heat sources, like saunas
  • Avoid vigorous facial treatments for up to two weeks
  • Limit sun exposure and ensure regular sunscreen application

Post-care Treatment

Filler Skin Booster

After Care for Skin Booster Treatment

  • Instructions to avoid unnecessary pressure or touch to the treated areas
  • Guidance on protecting the area from direct sun exposure
  • Recommendations for skincare routines that complement the treatment
  • Scheduling follow-up consultations to ensure the desired outcomes

Our Team

Experienced Dermatologists & Technicians

Bella Medical Centre boasts a team of highly trained dermatologists, proficient in the art of Skin Booster therapy, ensuring each treatment is administered with precision and care.

Achieve Your Desired Aesthetic with Precision and Care

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Lawrence Coatado

I am very satisfied with the result of my journey using invisalign with the professional skill of Dr. Sukphreet and his team. I had a very good experience with Bella Medical, everyone is so nice and accommodating. The clinic’s ambience is classy and hygienic in my every visit.Highly recommended.

Marah Ali

I got my Invisalign done at Bella Clinic with Dr. Sukhpreet Mangat and it was a fantastic experience. Everyone there is super professional and super friendly, including the staff, the nurses, and the doctors. Dental clinics usually freak me out but this is place has such a comfortable atmosphere. Truly loved it, it’s my go-to dental clinic.

Mustafa Hussain

Dr Sukhpreet is an excellent Invisalign specialist. He is a very good communicator and answered all my questions. He also cares about his patients and them getting the right results. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Heba Mohammed

Very professional staff and doctors at Bella Medical Centre, I was recommend to do my four implants there through friends who already were patients. Dr.Ihssan were very professional kind and honest, he explained every step of the process and the result of the implants was excellent.

Faris Mohammed

I’ve been wanting to get my invisalign for years and finally found the place to go! Ive had such an amazing experience with Bella medical center. The stuff is so professional and always on top of my treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Skin Booster treatment is meticulously executed by injecting a specially curated blend of hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, and vital minerals directly into the dermis layer of the skin. This is done using precise microinjections, ensuring optimal absorption and benefits.

Distinguishing itself from traditional dermal fillers, Skin Boosters employ a unique stabilized, non-cross-linked form of hyaluronic acid. Instead of just filling or lifting, the treatment concentrates on providing deep hydration, stimulating collagen production, and promoting the overall health and vitality of the skin.

Although the use of microinjections might bring about a slight sensation or mild discomfort for some, the application of a high-quality topical numbing cream prior to the procedure ensures that the patient's experience remains as comfortable and pain-free as possible throughout.

Cheek fillers can elevate the mid-face, providing a rejuvenated appearance. By restoring volume, they can highlight cheekbones, balance facial proportions, and reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds.

Typically, a Skin Booster session's duration ranges between 20 to 40 minutes. The exact time may vary depending on the specific area being treated, the individual's skin condition, and the desired outcomes.

Though generally a well-tolerated procedure, a few individuals might encounter minor side effects like slight redness, minor swelling, or a bit of bruising around the injection sites. Fortunately, these symptoms are temporary and usually dissipate within a couple of days.

Certainly! Skin Boosters are incredibly versatile and can be effectively paired with various other skin treatments. This combination approach can further enhance and amplify the desired results, giving a comprehensive skin rejuvenation experience.

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