The Best Foods to Eat After Teeth Whitening (And What to Avoid)

You may have undergone or are considering a teeth whitening treatment to get a brighter smile. However, for the treatment to be fully successful, you have to do your part and watch what you eat and drink for a few days after the procedure.

To maintain that radiant smile, you have to take note of foods and beverages that can harm your newly whitened teeth. In this blog, we will explore what food you can eat after teeth whitening and what foods and drinks to avoid.

What You Can Eat After Teeth Whitening

It’s important to eat food that will not stain your teeth. Here’s what you can eat after your teeth whitening procedure:

Chicken, Turkey, Tofu, and Fish

Light, lean white meat is good for freshly whitened teeth. Chicken and turkey are acid-free, healthy, and delicious. Tofu is also a good choice when you just had your teeth whitened.

As for fish, make sure to avoid darker fishes and go for white fish like albacore. It’s also important not to use vibrant sauces and seasoning. Instead, stick to white sauce.

White Rice, Pasta, and Bread

Rice is light-colored and good to pair with meat. Pasta is fine, but just make sure to avoid colored sauces and stick to creamy white sauces. Bread is also safe to eat after teeth whitening, but you may consider removing the crust.

Additionally, for pasta and bread, be cautious of the ingredients, as some brands add food coloring or molasses to make them look darker.

Dairy Products: White Cheese and Yogurt

Dairy products such as cheese and yogurt are rich in calcium and are beneficial for strengthening the enamel of your teeth. Just make sure to stick with white cheese or lightly-colored cheese and not artificially colored cheese.

As for yogurt, stick to white yogurt or plain yogurt and avoid colored yogurt as they can contribute to stains in your teeth.

Egg Whites

Egg whites are full of protein and safe, but the yolk has color and could stick to your teeth. So, it’s best to avoid the yolk when you’re making egg dishes.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are not only good for a healthy diet; they are also good for your teeth. You can eat light-colored fruits such as bananas, apples, and pears and light-colored vegetables such as mushrooms, white onions, and potatoes. For potatoes, it’s best to peel the skin off and just eat the insides.


Porridge is another safe option after teeth whitening, but it should be consumed with milk only, and no sugar. If you want your porridge sweet, use a sweetener instead.

Foods and Beverages to Avoid After Teeth Whitening

Now that you know what foods you can eat after teeth whitening, here are the foods and beverages you should avoid after your treatment:

Dark Fruits and Vegetables

Dark-colored fruits and vegetables are rich in pigments that can stain your teeth. Thus, you should avoid fruits such as blueberries, grapes, and raspberries and vegetables such as carrots, spinach, and purple cabbage.

Red Meats

Red meats must be avoided because they can stain your teeth. They are also very acidic and can increase tooth sensitivity. Since it is both staining and acidic, it’s best to avoid red meat and stick with white meats such as chicken and white fish.

Chocolate and Candy

It’s best to avoid these sweets after teeth whitening as they can cause tooth decay, discoloration, and enamel erosion. They both contain artificial colors that can stain your teeth, so avoid them after your procedure.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea may be hard to let go of as they may be part of your morning routine, but you must do so in order to protect your newly whitened teeth. Both coffee and tea contain a substance called tannins, which can build up over time and darken your teeth.


You should avoid red and white wine after your teeth whitening procedure. Red wine can harm the color and enamel of your teeth due to its acidity and dark color.

White wine, on the other hand, cannot stain your teeth, but its acidity can weaken your enamel, which will then increase your vulnerability to future staining.

Dark-Colored Sauces and Condiments

While they may taste good with your food, sauces and condiments such as ketchup, soy sauce, and mustard must be avoided because they can stain your teeth quickly.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are acidic, high in sugar, and full of artificial coloring. They can damage tooth enamel and lead to discoloration, so it is best to avoid these drinks after teeth whitening.

Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are acidic and can adversely affect tooth enamel. Fruit juices such as orange juice or grape juice can also cause staining.

Other Ways to Protect Your Teeth After Whitening Treatment

Apart from watching what you eat and drink after your teeth whitening procedure, you can also protect your teeth by doing the following:

Quit Smoking

Smoking affects your teeth and gums and can cause staining. Smoking causes a lot of oral health problems, and if you really want to keep your teeth white for longer, then consider quitting smoking.

Get Regular Dental Check-Ups and Cleaning

Regular dental check-ups and cleaning help keep your teeth healthy and avoid dental issues. Your dentist can regularly check for any underlying problems and help keep your teeth clean.

So, make sure to visit your dentist often. Your dentist will also likely recommend touch-up treatments to maintain the brightness of your teeth.

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